Trvpbeez, “I LOVE ME TOO” – Album & Campaign (In Progress)

Trvpbeez“I love Me Too.”

Deaphic Designer
Production Designer
Web Designer
Marketing & Content Strategy

STATEMENT: “I Love Me Too” concert is taking it back to the core Trvpbeez (Music Artist). At this point, I’ve gotten to know the artist for about a year and really got to learn his personality. So when creating I love me too and the concept for this album and campaign, I wanted to say a lot using a minimal amount of images. Before working with Tvppeze, she had previously released a series of mixtapes called I hate me too. So continuing the story we decided to name the album I love me too showing growth from what he used to and what he became. The album art in campaign uses bold colors, minimal colors and a flexible layout to translate the sound look and feel of trapeez the artist and I love me to the album.

YEAR: 2019


The campaign is currently in progress! Visit for more info.